Dosing scales for bulk material

The principle of operation of the dosing hopper scale for bulk materials or liquids is described in the category above, see Hopper scales.

The scales can be multi-component and the individual components are usually weighed one by one using feeders.

Filling into scales is usually by screw feeders, for the accuracy of dosing the feeders are terminated by flaps. Unloading from the scale takes place either by gravity via a flap on a conveyor, into a container, into big-bags or by a vibrating or screw conveyor, pneumatic transport, etc., see the description Conveyors.


The following are examples of different container dosing scales in order:

- Group of storage scales

- Weight for sand, filling and emptying with a vibrating feeder

- Multi-component scales for various materials, filling them with screw feeders, emptying by gravity flap in the bottom of the container into the container

- In addition to multi-component scales, screw filling, emptying by pneumatic transport

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